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Post September 30th, 2016, 4:30 pm
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We are extremely excited to announce the release of the brand-new ShareCash platform! Our team has used everything we’ve learned over the past eight years to create the ultimate content locking platform, which provides incredibly customizable monetization tools powered by sophisticated machine learning algorithms to deliver the highest-possible earnings from your content.

Our new platform is the product of months of coding, designing, and testing by our team. It boasts improvements to every nearly single aspect of ShareCash, including a stunning new user interface, massively improved monetization tools, brand-new customization options, increased mobile optimization, improved statistical reporting, an upgraded offer algorithm, hundreds of new offers from direct advertisers, SSL support, and much more!

Redesigned User Interface
The new ShareCash sports a modern interface powered by the latest web technologies to provide an incredibly smooth and reliable user experience. Our new interface is designed to be as intuitive and efficient as possible, giving you easy and seamless access to all the vital information you need to fully analyze and scale your promotions.

Massive Widget Upgrades
Our Widgets have been completely redesigned from the ground-up to provide a combination of features and customizability you simply won't find on any other network. Our new Widget tool contains over 75+ customizable options, dozens of preset widget backgrounds, embedded mobile support, new unlock modes, live desktop and mobile previews, SSL support, and more. Our Widgets can be used to lock websites and links in addition to just files, meaning that ShareCash is not just a PPD network but a full-fledged content locking platform.

Improved File & Link Lockers
Our new platform includes upgraded File Lockers that support nine extremely high-converting download pages you can choose from, as well as a mobile-optimized download page for mobile phone and tablet traffic, all of which support SSL. Our new download pages include antivirus scanning capabilities that assure your visitors that your files are safe, therefore dramatically increasing your conversion rates! Our Link Locker tools have also been improved, and now include better mobile optimization and provide you with a live preview of your Link Locker as you create it.

Improved Offer Algorithm
Our system uses vastly improved machine learning algorithms to automatically pick the highest-performing offers for you. While some other networks expect you to pick and choose offers yourselves, our system does this automatically while maximizing your earnings to the fullest extent possible. Our upgraded algorithms take into account hundreds of thousands of data points, your personalized traffic patterns and offer performance, seasonal EPC trends, mobile traffic optimizations, and much more to ensure your traffic is shown the ideal combination of offers that will fully maximize your earnings with minimal effort from your part.

Expanded Offer Inventory + App Installs
ShareCash works with dozens of networks, as well as many direct advertisers, who provide us with the highest-performing CPA offers available. Our size and number of years in business have enabled us to negotiate higher rates than most other networks, resulting in significantly increased revenue for our affiliates relative to our competitors. Our new platform includes hundreds of new mobile app install offers, as well as new high-EPC desktop offers from multiple direct advertisers!

French Offers
Many affiliates have had success with French PIN Submit offers in the past, but have recently found that most of the high-performing offers are no longer available. ShareCash, however, now has access to these high-EPC offers for our affiliates to run again! To access these offers, affiliates simply need to have their landing pages approved by our advertisers. This approval process is extremely streamlined and requires the submission of just a single form. Please note that if you do not request approval you will still have access to the French offers you have already been using before this upgrade, but will just not have access to the new offers. You can find more information in the “French Offers” page under the “Account” section of your menu.

Premier Program & Weekly Payments
Our Premier Program, which provides weekly payments for high-quality affiliates, has now been updated to benefit even more users than before. To be automatically inducted into this program, you now only need to earn $20 in any given 24-hour period! Once you do so our system will automatically upgrade your account and unlock weekly payments.

Content Library + eBook LPs
ShareCash provides a massive amount of high-quality, pre-uploaded content and niches for you to promote in our redesigned Content Library! Our library provides 17,000+ software files, 3,000+ eBooks, and high-quality custom-made game guides, all of which we have the rights to distribute. With over 20,000 files that can be instantly added to your account, ShareCash provides you with a nearly endless stream of niche ideas for you to promote. Our eBook Collection even includes a Landing Page designer that lets you create fully-hosted and customizable landing pages you can use to promote our eBooks!

Advanced Statistical Reporting
ShareCash boasts an impressively broad suite of statistical analysis tools. Our advanced tools provide you with the exact information you need to analyze, improve, tweak, and scale your promotional efforts and earnings. Our tools allow you to break down your traffic and revenue by nearly any imaginable metric, including by hour, date, month, traffic source, origin country, file name, widget, and more. Our statistical engine has been improved in our new platform, so all of these reports will now run faster than ever!

Improved Support
We now have one extra support staff member who will be available to respond to any inquiries and requests for assistance via email, which will help us provide our affiliates with quicker support response times.

ShareCash was founded in 2009 and has been a driving force of innovation in the content locking space since. As we’ve been in business longer than the vast majority of networks, we not only have the industry knowledge and connections to ensure we fully maximize your earnings, but have the resources to ensure that you are reliably paid on time, every time. Even our platform itself is built for reliability, as it's run on a cluster of web and database servers secured by multiple layers of DDoS protection to ensure resiliency and uptime. Our affiliates can always rest assured that they’re using a reliable, trustworthy, and honest network.

Overall, this upgrade presents a massive step forward for ShareCash. When you use our new platform you can be sure that you’re using the most powerful and customizable monetization tools, have access to the top offers in the industry, are benefiting from the most intelligent optimization algorithms, and will be paid on time, every time. We have received tremendously positive feedback from the beta testers of our new platform, and are confident that it will propel ShareCash well beyond any other network in the space. We are incredibly grateful for the thousands of loyal affiliates we’ve worked with over the past eight years, and are very excited to help each one of you grow your earnings even further with our new platform!

Post September 30th, 2016, 7:13 pm
perke3 Junior Member

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Hope epc and cr will be higher now. Also guys one small thing that bothers me is this:


Whatever I do it won't disappear (I got 1 news and click on it dozen of times, but its still there). As I said its only a small thing. Overall, new design is modern and it looks really great! GJ @sharecash

Post October 1st, 2016, 1:49 pm
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Thank you for the feedback, we're glad you like the upgrade!

Regarding the news count, we've just made an update that makes the count disappear after you click and view all recent news items in the dropdown.

Post October 3rd, 2016, 8:14 am
catchers Veteran

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Will you implement a postback function?

*Congrats on the new platform. It's very beautiful.

Post October 5th, 2016, 1:45 pm
saspar User avatar
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BRAVO for new ShareCash Platform

Post October 12th, 2016, 6:41 am
enrila New Member

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Very good display.

But I got problem when managing files that there is no response after clicking the folder in Manages Files.

Monetazion Tools > File Lockers > Manages Files.

I tried in different browser with the same result

Post October 19th, 2016, 4:26 am
fraciah New Member

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Hello there ive got the same problem too so when u get help please update me im new

Post November 2nd, 2016, 3:13 pm
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Are you still experiencing issues with the File Manager? We've verified that the File Manager is working cross-browser ourselves, but if you are still having issues please email support[at] so we can help debug further.

Post December 8th, 2016, 12:55 pm
Muhammad Naveed New Member

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Post December 11th, 2016, 8:47 pm
perke3 Junior Member

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Muhammad Naveed wrote:What is this?

Its the script that detects adblocker. You can disable it by just removing piece of code from your widget code.

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