January All Time Highest Payout Contest. Instant Cash Bonus!

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CONTEST: All Time Highest Payout

Prize: If your earnings for January 2015 are over $500 and reach or exceed your highest payout received from ShareCash after September 1st, 2012, we'll add an additional 10% bonus to your January payout!

Date: After February 1st, 2015 please email support@sharecash.org with a screenshot of your highest payout with ShareCash after September 1st, 2012. After we confirm that you are a winner we'll add your 10% Bonus to your approved earnings!

Example: Say your highest payment from ShareCash since September 1st, 2012 was $3,000. Now, if your January 2015 earnings are at least $3,000, you will be paid an extra 10%; so, for example, if you earned $3,500 in January, you will be paid an extra $350 to give you a total of $3,850!

Note: Affiliates can win both contests (this contest, as well as our January 2015 Registration Contest) and receive double bonuses.

Good luck everyone!

Livv Elite

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This is awesome!! Thanks!

Panon New Member

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Thanks :D

dxteamfpa New Member

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Thanks sharecash. I know this contest I am gonna win.

Bambu88 New Member

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val3ntyn3 New Member

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Earnings from referrals count, or only my raw earnings? Thanks.

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Referral earnings are not included. Only earnings from downloads.

PickUp New Member

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I just sent you the email but I still didn't reviced your answer,
I hope that I'll get the bonus today so I can request the payout.

My Account is: PickUp
ID: 1945347

P.S Great Network :)

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Congratulations to all the winners!

If you are a winner, please email support@sharecash.org to claim your prize, which will be added to your approved earnings!

akhbiju New Member

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I Won...Got the bonus added to my Account!
thank you Sharecash

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