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Support wrote:We’re pleased to announce the release of an entirely new part of ShareCash: our Exclusive Content Collection! This section will provide our affiliates with thousands of high-quality, pre-uploaded files ranging from eBooks to web templates, covering hundreds of different niches, all completely free and legal for ShareCash affiliates to use and promote!

Today we've released our Exclusive Content Collection: our Exclusive eBook Collection, a collection of over 3,000 eBooks and digital downloads that encompass niches from animal care to nutrition to self-defense. This diverse collection of quality eBooks will give our affiliates a seemingly never-ending supply of legitimate, quality files and niches to promote, therefore eliminating tedious niche research and content generation.

Using our new eBook collection is incredibly easy; the "eBooks" subsection of our "Exclusive Content" menu section lets you browse all categories of eBooks, view descriptions for each individual eBook, download samples of any eBook so you tweak your promotional efforts and advertising, and instantly add the eBook directly to your File Manager.

Even better, our eBook Collection lets you create completely customized landing pages for any eBook you’d like promote using pre-made, high-quality landing page templates that are fully hosted by ShareCash! Creating landing pages is extremely simple using our in-browser Landing Page Creation tool, which can be accessed by clicking the Landing Page button (which looks like a house) for any book in the eBooks section. Afterwards, you'll be able to edit any text on the page simply by clicking on it. After you've tweaked and edited the content of the landing page to your liking, you can then save the page and receive a unique URL to promote, therefore enabling you to promote any eBook without even needing a blog or website.

Overall, our eBook Collection, as well our newly added Game Guides, contain thousands of opportunities for affiliates to profit from quality, legitimate content without having to struggle with niche research and content generation. We are confident that our Exclusive Content section will provide all of you with additional streams of long-term income and look forward to watching all of our affiliates grow their earnings even more.

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Thanks for all the ebooks. I think its a great idea and I will start using them asap.
Are there any more game guides coming?

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Thank you for all great eBooks, but I can't download any of them. I always get 404 error -

I need to download them, copy some content on site and put download link to ebook :)

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how do we download them??
please provide me with the link...

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sauravkarki wrote:how do we download them??
please provide me with the link...

Here it is:

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hoduyvinh01 wrote:How can i get eBook :) ?

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[code][/code]<a target='_top' href=''><img alt='InboxPays' title='Receive $5' border='0' src=''></a>

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Do I have to customize the landing page for each ebook and use the link created?
Just need to get the url from its file in file manager section after pushing it to file manager section?

Which is better?

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